Christian Scientist: oxymoron or nah

"knowing God through science is like God talking me around His house on MTV Cribs"

Growing cells, I mean intentionally growing cells is tough and requires some expertise. Don’t get me wrong, you’re probably growing some stuff now and you haven’t even realised it yet, to prove it all we would need to do is take a swab of your phone, and then place the swab on a petri dish. What you would see would be enough to make you douse your phone in bleach. Don’t get me started about sharing Vaseline or swatching makeup at counters. Slight tangent there, sorry. Back to the intentional cells. Growing these cells requires training and practice, and when you get it right, my goodness it's like giving birth. You have something alive that you have created. Cells aren’t like the fried egg diagrams you see in textbooks, they are far more complicated than this. Imagine how complicated you are as a human with bones and organs, cells have their equivalent. (Stick with me in this analogy…) These cell environments have delicate systems and processes that work like clockwork. Each component of the cell is needed, they are like the distinct notes of a chord. Cells do not have a brain like humans, they have DNA. Everything that is needed in the cell, in the body is written in the DNA. Triplet codes of adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine. In a healthy cell, everything works like clockwork.

Laser confocal microscopy (of dendritic cells) (1969) (1)

When I look at a cell, I see systems, processes, things whizzing and mixing about. All essential, working around the instructions that have been given. I look and I am like wow. This could not have been a mistake. It is too perfect to be an accident or a coincidence. This is too intentional to be a fluke. I look again and I’m like ‘God if you're able to keep this intricate and complex cell going, I know you’re going to work my life out, just like you have worked these processes and systems to perfection’.

"knowing God through science is like God talking me around His house on MTV Cribs"

I can describe my experience of knowing God through science is like God talking me around His house on MTV Cribs. I mean it’s his house He created it, and He is teaching me about Himself through it. Does this make sense? There is so much more that I could add to this, but the point will stay the same. Faith and science have been two words at loggerheads within the same sentence. I hope this post, my personal experience and the posts to come will allow you to see how they can live symbiotically.



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